We have the potential to make our city one of the Top 10 cities in the United States to live, work and raise a family.

sundial bridge, redding ca

Our beautiful city, surrounded by spectacular volcanic peaks, pine forests and alpine lakes, originally settled by the Wintu, followed years later by those looking for gold and then timber is in the midst of a great transition.  As these industries, which built our economy began to diminish, we lost that identity and became a city dependent on service and retail industries.  Just as those original pioneers took risks to make their future in a place they'd never been, we are pioneers in a different kind of wilderness...a wilderness of economic redefinition and social transition.

 Just as the Wintu and subsequent settlers knew, we have the potential to make our city one of the Top 10 cities in the United States to live, work and raise a family.  A new day is emerging!

As citizens of this beautiful city, it is time for us to rediscover our purpose and identity, to make Redding one of the top ten U.S. cities in which to live, thrive, and raise a family.  The wealth of Redding is anchored in the abundant, natural beauty of our area and in the gifted and talented people who live here.  An entrepreneurial spirit is arising in our community and these modern day pioneers are creating new industries and opportunities for our citizens.  

As we turn our focus away from what we don’t have, to what we do have, we will discover unlimited opportunities for generations to come.  

We Can See Tangible Results by Working Together

Julie Winter

I want to collaborate with city business owners and groups like Viva DowntownShasta Historical Society and Shasta Living Streets to create a vibrant and healthy downtown that preserves our heritage and identity.  

We also have the opportunity to make Redding a destination city, attracting visitors from far and wide by working with property owners to strategically develop many of the beautiful natural landmarks of our city like the Park Marina waterfront.  

Most importantly of all, I want to work with business owners, city leaders and educators to create an economic future for our citizens.  I will work to create an environment that produces good jobs for families and thereby revenue to pay for city services.  We are all concerned about safety, substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness in our community.  

To bring real solutions to these problems we need to create economic pathways that not only move our citizens out of poverty, but provide funding for solutions.

I envision a city with...

  • Positions itself as a destination city.  The incredibly beautiful Sacramento River that flows through the middle of our city is unparalleled and has the potential to not only be enjoyed more fully by its citizens but to be a world class economic driver.  Let's work with the property owners strategically develop areas along the river to increase tourism, economic vitality and public enjoyment.
  • Invests in its historic downtown and finds ways to increase pedestrian access by adding a semi-permanent Farmers Market, opening up areas to through traffic and increasing mixed-use and flexible zoning.
  • Collaborates with organizations like Shasta Living Streets to provide an attractive community for its citizens by creating safe bike paths that connect our river trails to downtown.
  • Surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, lakes and rivers, the recreational opportunities are endless and only a dream for most cities.  By leveraging and promoting our assets, we will create jobs and attract visitors to our beautiful city, which will in turn provide revenue for city needs.
  • Understands and collaborates with business owners to facilitate sustainable job growth.  Let's make sure that the culture of city departments are focused on offering assistance and actively collaborating with business owners for job creation.
  • Strategically listens to and utilizes the talented, educated and creative people who want to start businesses here.   Let's find out what they need to get their business launched.
  • Facilitates accelerated growth in emerging tech and manufacturing industries by removing barriers and providing needed infrastructure.
  • Diligently support those working to increase airline flights through Redding Municipal Airport to attract businesses that need air transport.
  • Evaluate the feasibility of providing fiber-optic communication for the expansion of tech companies in our area.
  • Understands and promotes the value of what it already has and strategically stewards these assets to prosper the entire community. 
  • Stewards its resources wisely, just like the private sector, saving for future infrastructure needs and looking for ways to reduce costs.
  • Makes job growth its number one priority as this is the source of city revenue.
  •  Invests in public safety and finds ways to increase the level of staffing in our police and fire departments.
  • Collaborates with the county to maximize the amount of needed jail space.
  • Collaborates with the courts and probation department to increase restorative justice solutions that move people out of destructive lifestyles.  Prevention of crime is ultimately a wiser use of our resources.
  • Creates an environment where our children don’t have to leave to make their dreams come true.
  • Creates pathways to move the 18% of our citizens who live in poverty out of cycles of dependency and hopelessness by implementing data-driven solutions for the root causes of lifestyle choices.
  • Takes ownership, and instead of blaming, offers solutions for the issues we face.