New Book by Julie Winter

ReNew: Breaking Free from Negative Thinking, Anxiety, and Depression

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Is your life defined by joy? So many people miss out on experiencing consistent joy in their lives because the toxic thoughts they embrace open doors to anxiety and depression.

In ReNew, Julie Winter leads you through the Biblical solution: Renewing your mind. Discover how your thoughts can determine the measure of joy you experience and the level of victory you achieve.

Through easy-to read, powerful chapters, you will learn to:

• Break agreement with toxic thinking by learning how to take your thoughts captive and surrender them to Christ
• Understanding the three “trees of your mind” and protect yourself from poisonous trees of unbelief and unforgiveness
• Receive healing by releasing forgiveness
• Keep your thought life healthy, nourished, and destiny-focused
• Sustain joy through a correct view of your identity in Christ
• Wear the Armor of God and use each item to dismantle lies aimed at your destiny
• Activate the power of declaring Scripture, remembering testimonies, and releasing thanksgiving
• Break free from shame, guilt and other strongholds that the enemy uses to keep you in bondage

A renewed mind is your weapon against the enemy’s lies and the key to walking in Supernatural joy!

Psychological causes of anxiety and depression are related to thinking patterns and what we believe to be true about ourself, others, and God.


ReNew will be available for purchase
on May 16, 2017.



“Julie Winter’s book, ReNew, will show you how to take action towards optimal mental health. In psychiatry, the goal of treatment is “recovery,” but by integrating steps toward renewal of the mind in Christ, this book provides a vision of mental wellness that is whole and accessible without a copayment for the appointment (Christ already paid the fee). As an adjunct to professional treatment, ReNew empowers the individual who’s serious about inviting God into the treatment plan. With book in hand, we each have an opportunity to participate with God as He advances His kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. Whether you read this yourself or share it with others in need of renewal of their minds, I pray many will be blessed through the words between the pages.”
    –Deborah Johnson, MSN, APRN, PMHNP-BC, Associate Health Sciences Clinical Professor of UCSF School of Nursing, Community Health Systems


“I am very excited for the release of this book, as there are multitudes of people who will be helped and strengthened by the content of ReNew. I love that Julie Winter addresses both natural and supernatural realms. These areas blend beautifully together in the life well lived. She provides us with brilliant insight, biblical perspectives, sound medical counsel, and practical suggestions that should help and inspire every reader. Read, be encouraged, and be strengthened by stepping into your God-given inheritance called health and joy.”
    –Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, Redding, CA (Author of The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind and God is Good)


“I highly recommend this book to those who want freedom and understanding from this debilitating and disruptive condition.”
   –Danny Silk, President of Loving on Purpose and the Bestselling author of Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Culture of Honor and Keep Your Love On