Lend your Voice

I would love for you to attend city council meetings. City council meetings are the first and third Tuesday of every month at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers at City Hall, 777 Cypress Ave. Click here for upcoming city council dates, agendas, and video of past council meetings. Your input is valuable, so please come and speak to issues that are important to you.  

There is a set time for public comment for each item listed on the agenda. If you'd like to speak to an agenda item, please fill out a blue speaker request form. These forms are in the back of the room. Complete the form and return it to the City Clerk seated in front of the dais at the beginning of the meeting. If you have a topic you'd like to discuss that is not on the agenda, there is a public comment period at the completion of the meeting agenda. You may speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. If you fill out a blue speaker request form, your name will be called to come to the microphone at the appointed time. Please speak to issues that are within the jurisdiction of the city. For example, social services, mental health services, the court/jail system are within the purview of the County Board of Supervisors. For a list of city departments click here.

What is the City Council?

The City of Redding, incorporated on October 4, 1887, is a general law city formed under state legislative statutes and governed by a body of laws in the state constitution. The Redding City Council consists of five council members elected "at large" for staggered four-year terms. Council members must be residents of the City and registered voters at the time nomination papers are taken out.

Redding is one of the many California cities operating under the Council-Manager form of government. Under this system, the Council establishes the policies under which the City operates and appoints a trained and experienced City Manager to administer the affairs of the City. City Manager responsibilities include hiring of City staff, preparation of the annual budget, administration and coordination of the City's operations, general supervision over all property under the control of the City and enforcement of City ordinance and applicable state laws.

The City Manager appoints a staff to assist him in carrying out his duties. City departments include the City Attorney's Office, City Clerk's Office, City Treasurer's Office, Community Services, Development Services, Electric, Finance, Fire, Personnel, Police, Public Works, and Support Services. Like the City Manager, the City Attorney is appointed by the City Council. Both the City Clerk and the City Treasurer are elected by the public.

Redding City Council Current Members

  1. Brent Weaver - Mayor
  2. Kristen Schreder - Council Member
  3. Francie Sullivan - Council Member
  4. Julie Winter - Council Member
  5. Adam McElvain - Council Member
Photo Courtesy of:  twitter.com/cityofredding

Photo Courtesy of: twitter.com/cityofredding


What does a City Council member do?

  • The duties of a city council member commonly involve determining city government and administration policies, as well as implementing budgets and legislation.
  • City council members attend committee and subcommittee meetings where city business is discussed.
  • City council members will devote time to meet with residents and representatives of groups affected by city government.
  • The members of the council will introduce and vote on particular aspects of the city's needs and determine a budget for any designated projects.
  • Members of city council look to the city's objectives, major projects and enhancements to infrastructure ranging from community development, to the use of land, to finances and strategic planning.
  • City council is also responsible for city development and zoning. This means that the members of city council must work to determine the continuous economic growth of the community, how public works projects are handled and where parks on publicly-owned lands will go.
  • A city council member must perform necessary duties in terms of creating and implementing a budget, handling tax collections and hiring the necessary staff for city functions, particularly fire and police departments.
  • City council members must also enforce municipal, state and federal regulations when the city and its citizens are impacted.

To learn more about the Redding City Council, or to watch videos of previous council meetings, visit the Redding City Council information page.