Create career pathways through education.

We need to continue to work strategically with our local educational system. workforce development agencies and local businesses to create career pathways for our citizens.  I support the efforts of the Shasta  County Office of Education  which is actively working with students, local businesses, and community colleges to help prepare students for STEM careers (STEM will account for 70% of all jobs in CA within ten years).  Many jobs will require increased coding skills to prepare our students for future jobs.  I support the efforts of groups working to establish a UC Redding with a STEM emphasis.

For long-term solutions, we must address root issues.

As we look at issues like crime, substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness, we need to remember these issues are often inter-connected. If we're going to come up with a treatment plan that's effective, we need to treat the underlying disease, making sure we treat the whole person in a way that is outcome driven.  Did our intervention significantly change behavior and is it cost effective?  


Work together for solutions.

Community collaboration is the key to success.  There are many city and county agencies individually working on certain aspects of  these issues, but we need to strategically leverage our resources toward a common goal that delivers desired outcomes.  Let's find out what other communities have done successfully and follow their lead.

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If what we're doing is not working, more of the same is not the answer.  Let's do what works.