Why is Tech/Manufacturing is Good for Redding?

  • Although Tech and Manufacturing represents only 3-4% of the current jobs in Redding, it’s an area of tremendous potential and growth, and has already increased by over 20% since 2012.  This year, the Progressive Policy Institute highlighted Redding for its strong growth in this sector,

  • The economic output per job (link to graph) in the Tech/Manufacturing industry is 400% greater than the service and retail industries because the monies come in from outside the community rather than just being recirculated within the community.  Jobs in this sector would be a tremendous benefit to our community, increasing our tax base and providing funding for needed city services.

  • Tech and manufacturing are sustainable.  Currently, California is the leading state in both the  tech and manufacturing sectors.  As manufacturing  jobs are returning from off-shores to shorten supply lines and protect intellectual property, we can position ourselves to capture the top growing industries in our state - Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Real Estate and Technology.  Our proximity to I-5, a major port, relatively low cost of living, high quality of life, lower utility costs and a good educational system make Redding a good place to do business.

  • The average jobs in tech/manufacturing pay substantially higher than the median income of $44k in Redding.  

  • Educational centers such as Shasta College, Simpson University and Chico State have programs to train a skilled workforce for these sectors.  I support working with our educational system to increase the coding skills of our children to prepare them for the jobs of the future.

  • The tech industry is quite broad and employees are mobile.  The quality of life in Redding can attract these types of good jobs to our area.

  • There is a support system in place for growth of tech sector jobs with the EDC’s Venture Hub.  Over 50 new startups, the vast majority of which are in the tech sector, have started in Redding in the past year or two.  

  • I support increased communication and needs assessment to determine ways the city can remove barriers, facilitate the development of any needed infrastructure and work with companies to help them grow their business here.