We Can See Tangible Results by Working Together

Julie Winter

I want to collaborate with city business owners and groups like Viva DowntownShasta Historical Society and Shasta Living Streets to create a vibrant and healthy downtown that preserves our heritage and identity.  

We also have the opportunity to make Redding a destination city, attracting visitors from far and wide by working with property owners to strategically develop many of the beautiful natural landmarks of our city like the Park Marina waterfront.  

Most importantly of all, I want to work with business owners, city leaders and educators to create an economic future for our citizens.  I will work to create an environment that produces good jobs for families and thereby revenue to pay for city services.  We are all concerned about safety, substance abuse, mental illness and homelessness in our community.  

To bring real solutions to these problems we need to create economic pathways that not only move our citizens out of poverty, but provide funding for solutions.