Redding needs to make some fiscal changes.

pie - fiscal responsibility

we need to create a bigger pie to increase city revenue

The city of Redding gets its General Fund income from two sources - Sales Tax (34% ) and Property Tax (24%).  General Fund income is used for general services like public safety, parks, etc and accounts for all financial resources that are not legally required to be accounted for in another fund.

This is not to be confused with the Enterprise Fund (REU, airports, water, trash, sewer, etc) which receives its monies from fees generated by the cost of services.  Enterprise Fund and other special revenue funds can not be transferred for General Fund use.

For the last few years, our city has faced an economic recession that has been particularly prolonged and difficult. City budgets and staffing have been rightfully adjusted to reflect decreased revenues.

Unfortunately, Redding has a service-based economy, which puts us at increased risk for an economic downturn when other employment sectors falter.

Realizing that the current city budget pie can only be cut in so many pieces and that the recession has already forced significant cuts in city departments, my focus will be to help create a bigger pie to increase city revenue.