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Redding has unparalleled beauty everywhere you look.

but have we done everything we could do to capitalize on the natural assets we are surrounded by?

We understand the value of what Redding already has and are committed to strategically steward these assets to prosper the entire community. We are surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and rivers. The recreational opportunities are endless and only a dream for most cities.  By leveraging and promoting our assets, we will have the opportunity to create jobs and attract visitors to our beautiful city, which will in turn provide additional revenue for city needs. 


Redding could be a destination city, attracting visitors from far and wide by further strategically developing many of the beautiful natural landmarks of our city. 
sundial bridge, redding ca
Julie Winter

Our river front could be a riverwalk.

Redding has the opportunity to position itself as a destination city.  The incredibly beautiful Sacramento River that flows through the middle of our city is unparalleled and has the potential to not only be enjoyed more fully by its citizens but to be a world class economic driver.  I support collaboration with the property owners to find ways to strategically develop areas along the river to increase tourism, economic vitality and public enjoyment. 

Safer bike trails and recreational areas are needed.

By partnering with organizations like Shasta Living Streets, we can help provide an attractive community for our citizens by creating safe bike paths that connect our river trails to downtown.  Increasing bike and pedestrian traffic makes for a more liveable city and healthier citizens.  I support the efforts of those working to connect our river trails to downtown.

downtown redding, ca

Relocate the Farmer's Market.

I will work with city business owners and groups like Viva DowntownShasta Historical Society and Shasta Living Streets to create a vibrant and healthy downtown. We want to find ways to increase pedestrian access by adding a semi-permanent Farmers Market, opening up areas to through traffic and increasing mixed-use and flexible zoning. I support the effort of those working on a strategic downtown revitalization with the goal of prioritizing pedestrian and business needs and increasing pedestrian amenities.