Evangelina Mendoza-Sosa, Self-Employed

I'm part of the North Hispanic Coalition and believe that Redding has a potential to be the greatest city in northern California. Julie will be the one to open the gates and remove the rock from the entrance to the excellent Redding. Julie has the heart, mind, passion, and the call to bring transformation to the city.

I moved to Redding 10 years ago work at Ron Largent's office for a short time and have been the main contact with the Latino Community. I've been the bridge with Mexican Embassy and other resources by being part of assisting the Spanish Radio and Shasta County and by empowering Latinos to became citizens and grow our economy. I also have been encouraging the young generations to be educated. A native of Mexico, I came to the United States 42 years ago. Earning my education in accounting, real estate and community advocacy. —Evangelina Mendoza-Sosa, Self-Employed