Christie Robinson, Secratary/Treasurer

Julie is exactly the kind of leadership I, as long time Redding resident, have wished for. One who can deliver results for our most pressing issues; good jobs, business opportunity, safe streets, judicious use of our abundant natural resources, and hope not only for the desperate people in the area, but also for the community itself. No more will our city be touted on the internet as one of the worst places to live. If you love Redding despite its many issues, as do I, electing Julie Winter would be one of the best things each of us could do for our community! -Christie Robinson, Secratary/Treasurer

Eric McMurtry, Redding Firefighters Association (RFFA)

The Redding Firefighters Association believes that the safety of the public is priority #1. Having elected leaders that support the fire and police departments will ensure a higher quality of living in our beautiful city. Julie's focus on economic development and support of Measures D and E will provide for much needed funding to maintain the standard of living that the citizens of Redding demand. For these reasons, The Redding Firefighters association ask you to join in their support for Julie Winter on November 8th.  -Redding Firefighters Association (RFFA)

Linda Lingo, Financial Advisor

I am endorsing Julie because she looks for the cause of the problem and solves it, she doesn't just put a band aid on it. Economic development is sorely needed here, and Julie has a vision for how to use our natural resources to make us better known. Redding needs problem solvers who are passionate about our community, that's why I'm voting for Julie Winter. -Linda Lingo, Financial Advisor

Deborah Johnson, Professor & Nurse Practitioner

I've known Julie since the 1980's when we were colleagues in nursing school and both subsequently worked at University of California Davis Medical Center. Julie is gifted with a swift and clear mind, and the capacity for thoughtful yet efficient decision-making. Julie has always been wise beyond her years, investing in people and priorities with redeeming value, even when it requires sacrifice. Deborah Johnson, Associate Clinical Health Sciences Professor, Nurse Practitioner, University of California San Francisco

Brian Berg, Redding Peace Officers Association (RPOA)

The Redding Peace Officers Association (RPOA) is proud to announce our support for Mrs. Julie Winter for Redding City Council. We are excited about her vision for our community and history of getting things done. We invite you to learn more about Julie at and vote for her on November 8th.

Let's get our city moving forward and make it what it should be...together! —Brian Berg, Redding Peace Officers Association