My City Council Duties

As part of my city council duties, I have been assigned to the EDC, Planning Commission, Community Development Advisory Committee, the Youth Violence Prevention Council, Finance and Public Works. One of the first things we were charged to do this month was evaluate the proposed increased rate changes for water, solid waste (trash/recycles) and storm water (sewer), I know this is not a pleasant subject. No one wants their rates to go up, but rates have to go up tor reflect inflation and cost of service Even with these rate increases we are $10.46 less per month than the 10 city north state average, So here'a funny poem to remind you of what you get with city services.

I want my water delivered to me,
Four hundred gallons each day.

Please make my poop and pee be gone,
Oh, do this without delay!

Haul off the stuff I do not want,
Lest the piles might cause dismay.

And do these things for me my friend,
For the price of my daily latte!

This is from John Wendele, the Federal Program manager for California Rural Water, congratulating our Public Works department for keeping our rates to $4.13/day, the price of a latte!